About GoGo Reno!

What about us? In fact, GoGo Reno! is more like… What About YOU!

For Entrepreneurs / Specialists…

We are just a bunch of guys and girls wanting you to be able to work and get the job simply without having to send complicated bids back and forth or having us interfere in your billing, or again, cost you a fortune in percentages and yearly fees not knowing if you’ll even get the job. At GoGo Reno! It’s simple. A Client needs immediate help, because you are logged in, they see that you are available therefore they can contact you by SMS, Phone, Email and even by internal Messaging. You negotiate the conditions and you go do the job for whatever fee was agreed upon… Once again, We never get involved in your transactions. No quote fee or any percentage of your deals. That’s it !

On our end, it’s month to month at $9.99/month, no strings attached. But honestly, at this price, one emergency repair and in an hours work you will have made more than enough to keep us on. You can also recruit, sub-contract or be sub-contracted. Our mission is simple…win-win-win.

For Clients…

All we want is for you to be able to find help quickly and get the job or repair done. No fuss, no hassle. You see the Handy Person is online or was recently, they are in your district, text them and agree on the terms and they’re on their way to you that easily. Just like ordering pizza or a cab!

In a nutshell, we live in a world of NOW and with GoGo Reno! You can easily get things done now! If you need a standard bid for work done, then by all means go ahead and use our platform as well.

Why complicate things when they can be so simple!

The GoGo Reno! Team

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